/ZHoōē’säns/ noun
  1. A French term meaning enjoyment.
  2. Sexual orgasm.  
  3. A transgressive, excessive kind of pleasure linked to the division and splitting of the subject involved, which compels the subject to constantly attempt to transgress the prohibitions imposed on enjoyment, to go beyond the pleasure principle. 

The School of Jouissance
The School of Jouissance is a private practice space in an old Catholic school house in the heart of the French Quarter offering psychiatric consultation, psychoanalysis, and seasonal didactics and reading groups related to the theory and lectures of French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan.

2022 Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation
Brain Sketch
Follow Up Consultations
Natural Beauty Products
10 sessions

4 months


Anatomy Drawing

First, submit a confidential application

Thanks for submitting; we are not taking new patients at this time but will let you know if that changes.*  *Please remember that in cases of emergency or crisis you should not wait for a consultation, but visit your nearest emergency room. 

Contact Info

Phone: 646-543-8685
Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, LA