/val't/ noun
  1. A virtual forest.
  2. A solarium in Greenpoint Landing, Brooklyn. 
  3. A comprehensive psychiatric consultation room for an urban digital world.

About The Wald


The connection between the environment and mental well-being has a long history in psychiatric practice, from the sanatoriums of the Adirondacks and Eastern Europe, to the grounds of Victorian mental institutions.  It's only recently that we've attempted to squeeze mental health into an appointment on our lunch hour or an app we listen to before bed.  The Wald redefines how we access a different mental space in our every day lives.  Hop a ferry from midtown and book a consultation. Revisit a therapeutic virtual space before bed.  Upload last night's dream audio and have a virtual session from the comfort of your space, or ours.


2021 Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation
Brain Sketch
Follow Up Consultations
Red Sofa
10 sessions

4 months


Anatomy Drawing

First, submit a confidential application

Thanks for submitting! Check your email for a link to schedule an initial consultation.  I look forward to speaking with you in person.*  

*Please remember that in cases of emergency or crisis you should not wait for a consultation, but visit your nearest emergency room.  

Contact Info

Phone: 646-543-8685
Location: Greenpoint Landing, Brooklyn